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We love women who are down for a cause. Especially when that cause involves going down for the cause. We keed, we keed, but when we saw Jessica Alba getting nailed (not that type) for defacing public property in Oklahoma City, with a save-the-sharks poster we had to tip our 5-panel to the hottie. Jess isn't the first celebrity to give the big eff you to laws and institutions. Take a look back at five other celebrities who weren't afraid to fight, for their right, to protest...

Darryl Hannah: Darryl Hannah might love trees as much as Jim Jones does. Except her affection is toward the ones with bark, not the ones that get you eye-closing high. In 2006, the Splash star chained herself to a Los Angeles oak tree to prevent its impending removal. It turned out to be the first time it took more than one fireman to remove a pussy from a tree. Meow.

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Edward Furlong: Look, everyone enjoys a good lobster for dinner once in a while, but Eddie took his love for the red-clawed crustacean a step further in 2004. As a protest to what he felt was animal cruelty, Furolong released a bunch of lobsters from a Kentucky grocery store. When police arrived on the scene, they said Furlong was "turning around in circles, and was absolutely shit-faced." Not in those words exactly, but yeah dude was trashed.


Hayden Panettiere: Although the picture looks like a big water-born circle-jerk, in reality these people aren't doing anything nearly as important. Heroesstar Hayden Panettiere earned a warrant for her arrest in Japan when she interfered with the a culturally significant ritual dolphin hunt. See, she's a hero in real life too!


Woody Harrelson: We fucks with Woody, hard body. Not only is he a out-of-the-closet weed smoker, the dude is a huge supporter of the legalization of marijuana. In 1996, Harrelson got pinched when he symbolically planted four "hemp" seeds to protest the marijuana laws in Kentucky. Smoking with Woody >> smoking with your favorite rapper.


Mos Def: In 2005, after Bush's botched handling of Hurricane Katrina, Mos Def dedicated a song to the former Commander-In-Chief titled "Katrina Clap". When Mos showed up outside the 2005 MTV Video Music Awards on a flatbed truck and preformed the song, he was arrested, despite having a public performance permit. Coincidentally, "Katrina Clap" is also the name of a nasty STD floating around the New York City penal system.