It's never easy to say sorry, especially when everyone's watching...just ask David Letterman. The Late Show host sputtered an apology yesterday to hockey mom and moose stew connoisseur Sarah Palin, after Letterman accidentally joked about Palin's 14-year-old daughter fornicating, sans condom, with A-Rod (he thought that the joke was referring to Palin's actual single-mom daughter, Bristol, who at 18 is fully legal yet still unable to figure out how to use a condom). Oops. Palin reportedly accepted Dave's apology, even though she hopes that "men who 'joke' about public displays of sexual exploitation of girls will soon evolve." First of all, we're surprised that Palin believes in evolution. Second of all, evolution takes millions of years; while we're waiting, might as well keep the crude sexploitation jokes coming.

In today's age of political correctness, making a joke in public is like farting on the subway--it might feel good, but it's going to offend at least a few people. Read on to watch the clips of television and radio show hosts whose inappropriate commentary led to begrudging public apologies...

Don Imus says sorry to the Rutgers woman's basketball team: This is the most heartfelt apology we've ever heard read off of a cue card. Way to go Imus, we almost believed you're not a grumpy old racist. Well, that's not exactly true; we almost believed you're a carbon-based life form. Close enough, though.

E.D. Hill of Fox News apologizes for her 'terrorist fist-jab' comment: Before accepting the Democratic nomination, Barack greeted his wife on-stage with a pound. This of course prompted Fox News Anchor E.D. Hill to lead a segment on how to interpret the gesture: was it a just a friendly greeting or, more likely, an al Qaeda fist-jab of death? Which leads us to wonder how to interpret Fox News employees' utter absence of cross-cultural awareness.

Jamie Foxx tries to settle the score with Miley Cyrus: On his Sirius Satellite Radio show The Foxxhole, host Jamie Foxx told Miley Cyrus she should "grow up," and start doing drugs like Britney, become a lesbian like Lohan, and catch chlamydia from her bicycle seat... Man, it's hard to figure out where that joke went wrong.

Russel Brand offers an apology to Manuel of Fawlty Towers: British comedian and BBC radio host, Russel Brand, released this cheeky apology video after leaving a series of messages on Fawlty Tower's star Andrew Sachs' answering machine about having sex with Sachs' granddaughter. Sarah Palin sure would have been outraged, if only she knew what language they spoke in the UK.

Fox's America's Newsroom Host Greg Jarrett's transgendered snafu: Yet another apology from a Fox News host. Jarrett ruffled GLAAD's feathers when he joked about the first-ever transgender contestant, Isis, on America's Next Top Model, making "crude comments about her genitalia and the pitch of her voice." Which actually counts as "classing it up" for that group of mouth-breathing troglodytes.

Fox's Red Eye hosts say sorry for teasing Canadians: In what is beginning to seem like a trend, another Fox News apology comes from the hosts of Fox's 3 a.m. show Red Eye. The cast joked at length about the effeminate qualities of the Canadian military, implying they aren't making any difference in the war effort. You gotta give it up to Fox's dedication--even when we're sleeping, Fox is wide-awake and broadcasting hate speech. USA! USA!