Vince Staples took to Twitter on Wednesday to take a quick poll about the NBA playoffs. The conversation, however, took an abrupt and drastic turn when he was accused of enabling racist behavior.

The drama began after DDot Omen posted a video purportedly showing a group of Asian American Crip members. In the clip, you can hear one of the men describing his crew as “the real Black n***as”—a statement that prompted DDot to call Staples out. 

“Why you letting Asian Crips say n***a?’ he tweeted in response to the rapper’s NBA-related post.

It’s a lot to unpack I ain’t even peep the STOP ASIAN HATE shirt this shit a bomedy 😭😂🤣🤣

— DDOT. (@DDotOmen) June 2, 2021

Staples, who spent his adolescence running with the Crips, was understandably confused by DDot’s response, as he claimed he did not know anyone who was featured in the video and, therefore, was not responsible for the words that came out of their mouths.

“I don’t know nobody in this video but if you got a problem I can take you over there right now and you can speak yo mind,” he replied. “I don’t know what’s more egregious, cuh thinking all Crips know each others and get along or cuh thinking Long Beach is near Sacramento.”

I don’t know what’s more egregious cuh thinking all crips know each others and get along or cuh thinking Long Beach is near Sacramento

— Vince Staples (@vincestaples) June 2, 2021

Though DDot later claimed his initial​​​​​​​ tweet was “sarcastic,” a number of Twitter users joined in on the debate and suggested Staples was too scared to call out non-Black Crip members who feel comfortable using the n-word. Staples, of course, came through with solid responses, pointing out just how irrational the criticism is.

You can check out some of the exchanges below.

In other Staples news, the Long Beach rapper recently confirmed the release of the lead single off his self-titled debut album. He told W magazine the record is set to arrive on June 18.