TDE has a history of housing defining artists that can create classic material. Now, with its third generation upon us, new signee Ray Vaughn used his L.A. Leakers freestyle to prove that he’s part of Top Dawg’s championship pedigree. 

On Thursday, Long Beach’s Vaughn greeted Justin Credible and DJ Sourmilk with a nearly seven minute long freestyle beginning with Snoop Dog’s “Lay Low” instrumental. 

“I’m feeling generous, watch me give his ass a halo/Cause they don’t want to see me eat, well what the point of EBT?/Locust Ave, nigga I’m still flexing with that EDD,” he spits. “I Jim Carey my unfortunate events/From the bottom until now I had to build it like suspense/I’m loyal not barbed wire, never been on the fence.”

After ripping through “Lay Low,” Ray Vaughn slows things down to get personal with bars over Beanie Sigel’s “Feel It in the Air.”

“Every dog got its day, better mark your calendar/Everybody gets a shot, but I’m a different caliber,” he raps. “Can’t let a fake love us, cause that’s all on me/See that’s a domino effect, cause they fall on me.”

TDE announced that Vaughn was the label’s newest artist on Wednesday. They capped off the announcement by dropping Vaughn’s three-song EP, Peer Pressure.

Watch Ray Vaughn’s new freestyle on LA Leakers above.