If Soulja Boy’s entire album rollout strategy was to just troll Kanye West, it’s working. While voicing his complaints about West from several angles—including reportedly being left off Donda—Soulja has now tweeted that he has a diss track especially for ’Ye on his album that’s supposedly dropping tonight.

“Kanye west diss on the album tonight,” Soulja tweeted on Thursday afternoon.

Right before that, he reminded fans that his next record Swag 4 is due out at midnight.

Big Draco has been going at Kanye all week, fueled by claims that West cut him off the Donda cut “Remote Control.”

Soulja even shared the version of the song with his verse on it to social media:

It hasn’t always been like this, though. When Soulja joined Pharrell’s OTHERtone podcast, likely recorded before all of this, he told a story of performing for Kanye at the 2007 MTV Awards.

“I love Kanye. Me and Kanye talk every day, man. … But yeah, back then I was like 17, and we were just in Vegas doing our thing. It wasn’t nothing regular,” he recounted in the episode. “I don’t want to try to think about stuff too much. Anytime they want me to do some awards or red carpet, I just say yes and just go have fun. But it was crazy because we couldn’t go nowhere. They had me locked in the room. They was like, ‘You’re 17. We got alcohol in here. You can’t come out here.’ I couldn’t come out the room until it was time to perform with Kanye.”

We’ll see what Soulja Boy’s diss song for Kanye sounds like tonight when Swag 4 drops.