Snoop Dogg is looking for love and light from his fans. 

On Friday, Snoop took to Instagram where he shared a picture of this mother, Beverly Tate. Under the picture, he asked all of his friends and fans who are in touch with their faith to keep him and his mother in their prayers.

“I need all my prayer warriors for momma right now please and thank you,” Snoop wrote. He shared several other Instagram posts, captioning one of them, “Mama thank u for having me could of gave me up but u raised a family.”

Snoop has not disclosed the issues that are plaguing his mother and family. Yet, he and his mother have a close relationship that he often shares with fans. 

He even claimed that she was the reason he decided to apologize to Gayle King after ripping into the reporter for her comments about Kobe Bryant. 

“She didn’t say I was wrong she just said, ‘You know I raised you better than that. You’re a representation of us. Every woman that ever crossed your life, you’re a representation of that’ – so I got it,” Snoop said when talking about the incident during his appearance on Facebook’s Red Table Talk.