Popular Brazilian singer MC Kevin died Sunday after falling from the fifth floor balcony of a hotel. 

The 23-year-old funk artist, named Kevin Nascimento Bueno, was on the balcony of a friend’s hotel room at the Rio de Janeiro hotel when he fell in an incident that is being investigated, according to police and media. He was reportedly staying on the 11th floor of the hotel. 

Authorities said Kevin was found near a swimming pool and was later pronounced dead at a nearby hospital. Brazilian newspaper Folha de S.Paulo reports that investigators said Kevin may have been trying to jump into the pool but landed on the concrete. While there has reportedly been no sign of foul play, police have questioned the singer’s friends and wife—who he had married weeks before, 33-year-old Deolane Bezerra. 

Bezerra posted a heartfelt message to her late husband on Instagram Monday, alongside a wedding photo of the pair.

“You left and took a piece of me with you,” the post translates to. “You were always so incredible… It’s not fair for you to leave like this. It’s not. It’s not.”

Kevin has 1.8 million monthly Spotify listeners and had a growing fanbase of 10 million on Instagram at the time of his death. He dropped his latest project, Fênix, earlier this year.