Back in 2018, emerging singer-songwriter Lili Caseley made her first steps into the music world with her debut single "Have I Ever", following it up a year later with "Nothing Left Of You". Both tracks put forward a pop-focused sound with a touch of R&B influence and her next two singles, "C'est La Vie" and "Badoom" doubled down on that, leaning into the latter with even more intent.

Her latest single, "Faded Love" takes that progression even further, calling on the production talents of Beau Blaise (who also co-wrote the song) and the result is something instantly memorable with bags of chart potential. A big part of the track's appeal comes down to Caseley's own likeability factor, something she and director Frank Higson have made sure to pour into the visuals at the top. As she dances around her Camden flat, seemingly without a care in the world, you could almost forget it's a song about heartbreak and addiction.