Following on from the unbelievable runaway success of “Levelz 2 Dis” by MPH and Coco, the 1Forty family are back with news of a brand new compilation, this time oriented around their long-standing love of all things garage and funky. Ahead of the EP’s official release on Monday, June 28, they’re today liberating the opening track, a collaboration between garage producer Kobe JT and YGG sheller Lyrical Strally called “On My Way”.

Strally’s on top form here, skipping and dancing across Kobe’s shimmering, skippy instrumental with tales of riding the post-dance, early morning wave all the way home and into bed without a care in the world. If you didn’t miss raving and everything that goes with it before, you absolutely will by the end of this one’s 3:20 run-time.

As for the rest of the EP, expect a UK funky team-up from Murder He Wrote and DJ Ayy Den, 4x4 speed garage from The Phat Controlla, and some vintage funky house from Ronnie Loko. Tune in below and make sure you grab the EP when it drops on Monday.