Maxo Kream has returned to drop off “Local Joker,” his first solo single in almost two years.

“Local Joker” also arrived with a music video directed by notachance.

“‘Local Joker’ explains where I’m at in my life right now,” Maxo said in a press statement. “I love Houston, I’m from Houston. My merch is Houston focused. My music has a strong Houston influence-everything is Houston, it’s local. You can catch me in any part of Houston with the local jokers – but at the same time I’m not a local joker because I’ve grown and expanded the territory that I touch. But home will always be home- and that’s Houston.”

While Maxo readies the follow-up to his excellent 2019 project Brandon Banks, the Houston rapper has been focusing on his streetwear brand Persona, which doubles as a tribute to his late brother Mmadu Biosah (aka Money-Du Kream), who was shot and killed in the Woodland Hills neighborhood of Los Angeles in March 2020.

Speaking about his vision for the brand with Complex last October, Maxo said: “I wanted to do kind of like a sneaker pawn shop where you could bring in sneakers and get money for them. And I was good at restoring sneakers and fixing sneakers. So I wanted to do that, consignment, Flight Club type stuff. So yeah, that was always in my dreams. I was very heavy on all streetwear, Ian Connor had me model for Bape one time. I was very heavy with the Supreme, so I was always into brands. So around 2015, me and my brother came up with Persona but like we never really started pushing it until two years ago. And then recently this year he passed away. One of the things he told me before he passed away was to get the Persona brand going, that’s all he wanted. In honor of him, I’m keeping it alive.”

Check out the music video for Maxo Kream’s “Local Joker” up top, and stream the song now on all major platforms.