Back from the rap afterlife, Logic has released his first full-length project since announcing his retirement, Bobby Tarantino III. It’s the third installment of a trilogy he began with his 2016 mixtape and continued with a 2018 sequel.

Before the release, Logic took to social media to share some dope graphics for Bobby Tarantino III and the cover art by frequent collaborator Sam Spratt, which depicts a zombie escaping the rubble of a car in flames.

Returning only six days after the one-year anniversary of his “final album” No Pressure, Logic couldn’t stay away from the mic for too long before delivering a plethora of nuanced bars over a wide variety of beats that swim in the worlds of techno, trap, and soul. Before Bobby Tarantino III, Logic hit the booth to deliver one-off singles and different snippets in the interim as he was likely putting this project together. 

The rapper teamed up with the legendary producer Madlib back in June to deliver their song “Mafia Music,” then followed that up with a series of tracks including “Vaccine,” “Get Up,” “My Way,” and “Call Me.”

Logic announced that No Pressure would be his swan song last year due to the stress that music put on him and his desire to focus on his family and newborn son. At one point, he explained he was at his lowest when he reached the peak of his fame. Nevertheless, it appears he’s in a mental space where he wants to spit again.

Listen to Logic’s new project Bobby Tarantino III on all major streaming services, including below via Spotify: