Givēon can sing — or as old church folk would say: he can sang. 

It’s early in the morning on June 30 in New York City. So early that the sun has barely emerged above the skyline and most of the city is still asleep. Givēon, however, is already up for a performance at Good Morning America to promote his new album Give or Take. When I walk into his dressing room at the Times Square studio, he’s lounging on a couch with a sheet mask on his face. The 27-year-old singer is already dressed in a Jil Sander sweater, Bottega pants with zipper details, and Tiffany chains, but he’s waiting for the final touches on his TV makeup. He’s in a good mood, asking me about the earbuds that are hanging around my neck, which leads to a friendly debate about what headphones are the best (he prefers AirPods Max).

Just before show time, Givēon joins his band and team in a pre-show prayer, and he’s gracious enough to invite me as well. I enter the circle, locking arms with members, and we bow our heads to pray over the performance. Then, in three, two, one, he takes the main stage. Under bright lights, he jumps into a lively rendition of “Lie Again” from the new album, delivering each word with his signature velvety tone. He sounds almost identical to his studio recording. In just three minutes the performance is over, executed flawlessly.