Toronto rapper Dijahsb’s is back with new single “Khadijah,” while also announcing their newest EP Living Simple, a play on the hit 90s TV show Living Single.

“Khadijah” is a breezy track about trying to find true love while being posted up at home wondering if it’s even possible. It’s not as serious as it sounds though as Dijahsb still finds time to crack a joke about their suitors.

“Had a light-skin girl broke my heart in the winter/Had a dark-skinned girl broke my heart, she’s a singer/Fuck ‘em all like a swinger,” she raps on the second verse.

The rapper explained in a press release that their mom loved Living Single so much, that she named Dijahsb after Queen Latifah’s character Khadijah.

“In fact, the Living Simple EP was originally titled ‘Living Single’ but when they found themselves in love, Dijah knew the name change was needed,” they wrote in the release.

Living Simple, Dijahsb’s new EP,  is due out Feb. 10 and consists of six songs, including the previously released single “SummerTime.”