About a week ago, Digga D took to his socials to preview a new tune he’d been working on that sampled T2’s timeless bassline classic, “Heartbroken”. Along with the brief clip, he also asked fans who they thought should jump on the track with a guest verse and the overwhelming response was geezer of the moment, ArrDee.

The end result is a celebration of the sesh they’ve dubbed “Wasted”. It’s jumpy, it’s playful and it’s probably going to annoy purists. Whatever your opinion, you can’t deny this has all the energy and cheekiness needed to fill up a dancefloor and probably get a few of us to neck our drinks faster than we should.

In that very spirit, the visuals are, without putting too fine a point on it, a tribute to the timeless art of getting ‘whiteboy wasted’. So sit back and enjoy a montage of white people who can’t handle their drink but still power through until they’re so annihilated they end up being sick in their own shoes.

This is the first new drop from Digga D since his Made In The Pyrex mixtape back in February. No word yet as to whether “Wasted” is part of an upcoming project, but for now, press play and enjoy.