Coi Leray wrote a series of tweets on Thursday, calling out her father Benzino who she claims has been threatening her and her mother because Coi called him broke.

Coi tweeted that Benzino lashed out on them because of comments she made on The Breakfast Club about her family not being financially stable.


“My dad is texting my mom threatening her and me because I said he went broke on the breakfast club on the day of my album release,” she tweeted. “I hate to bring this shit to social media but my father need help. Sorry if I offended you on breakfast club but don’t treatment me or my mom because you hate to admit that we went broke after the source.”

Benzino also tweeted that the “social generation” has no respect for those who came before them.

Elsewhere in her tweets, Coi asserted that Benzino had been threatening his mother because he wanted them to be a part of the reality show Growing Up Hip Hop, which they refused.

“He texting my mom threatening her talking about some watch,” she wrote. “Grow up YOU WAS JUST TRYNA GET HER TO DO GROWING UP HIP HOP !! WE DONT WANT THAT LIFE !!!! She’s tryna be here for me and support me while you tryna find every way to beef with me and suck the life out of me I’m tired.”

“I’m your only fucking daughter. You worried about being called broke on the day of my debut album. You ain’t even text me congratulations, you so bitter and evil. Ima pray for you,” she added.

While on The Breakfast Club, Leray did her best to dispel the notion that she grew up privileged because of who her father was. “That’s the problem everybody think it was a silver spoon situation. My dad lost The Source when I was like 9 [years old], bruh” she said. “Once it was gone I was old enough to understand life. And it was gone after that. Reality hit. We were broke, we’re figuring things out, ya feel me?”

Leray’s debut album, Trendsetter, is due out at midnight.