When DJ Khaled’s “Top Off” dropped, Chance The Rapper took to Twitter to announce “Beyoncé is my favorite rapper.” Rightly so: she has BARS. Her verse is the obvious highlight on a track next to Future and Jay Z.

She’s billed simply as “B,” a new moniker for the queen, though it’s how Jay Z introduces her in the song and their other collaborations since day one (“Bonnie and Clyde,” from 2002.) With “Top Off,” B got her own artist page on Tidal, separate from Beyoncé. We can only hope it marks the start of an official rap career for B.

However, while “Top Off” is the first time Beyoncé’s been credited as B, it’s not the first time she’s shown she can spit bars. She’s given us hints for years that she can run with the best spitters in the game. Here are 11 songs where B(eyoncé) proved she can rap.