There's Now a DJ Khaled-Inspired Island In Belize

The pathway to success gets brighter by the day.

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The wins keep rolling in for DJ Khaled, as he now has an island named in his honor in Belize. Yes, you read that correctly. The small country of Belize has found their own pathway to success after their tourism board recently named a small island off the coast "Major Caye," which is obviously a reference to Khaled's "Major Keys." If you didn't know, a Caye is a tiny island that consists mostly of coral and sand, and the Belize tourism board thinks they've found the perfect one for Khaled where he could set up his hammock and jet ski all day. Even better, the Belize tourism board announced all of this via...Snapchat! What better way to pay homage to the greatness that is Khaled? 

The best part is that Belize is offering Khaled a free vacation to the island so that he can unwind and take a break from all of his projects. However, seeing that Khaled doesn't fly anywhere, it could get tricky to get him down to Belize. How long of a jet ski trip is it from Miami? We're sure Khaled could figure out a way if he really wants to go. You can check out more about Khaled's "Major Caye" island in Belize here

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