Kendrick Lamar Brought a Group of Compton High School Students on a Field Trip to the Grammys

Kendrick took home five Grammys last night.

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Kendrick Lamar was the big winner at the Grammys last night with five awards, and later stole the show with a powerful performance of "Untitled 3," "Alright," and "The Blacker the Berry." What we saw on TV wasn't the whole story of Kendrick's evening though, as we now know that he brought a group of Compton high school students to the show on a field trip. The connection goes even deeper as the students were from Centennial, his former high school. As if the experience of being at the Grammys wasn't enough, Kendrick took time out of one of the biggest days of his life to answer some of the kids' questions and share the inspiration behind his music.

The video, which was posted by Reebok, wrapped up with the students in total disbelief that they were able to be part of the evening with Kendrick, and further proved that he's doing more for his community than just making music. While last night was a banner moment for Kendrick's career, he's been on a total roll as of late, and was recently given the key to the city of Compton during a wonderful ceremony in his hometown. If you missed Kendrick's performance from last night, you can watch it right here


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