Did All of Dr. Luke's Drum Kits and Samples Just Leak Online?

Sony is reportedly dropping Luke amid his ongoing legal battle with Kesha.

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Dr. Luke's bad day—where he was reportedly dropped by Sony amidst his ongoing legal battle with Kesha—is getting even worse. A good portion of the producer's drum kits and samples may have leaked online.

The leak made its way around the Internet shortly after news of Luke's rumored departure from Sony broke. The leak originated fromTwitter user Ly Moula. Moula first uploaded the kits and samples to a Google Drive folder and then tweeted it out for the whole world to use. The tweet has since gone viral on Internet forum sites such as KTT and Reddit, and now has hundreds of retweets and replies since it went up. The Google Drive link saw so much traffic within the first few hours that Moula had to take down the original link and re-upload it again.

We were able to talk to Moula on the phone about the situation. He explained that he came into possession of the samples and drum kits over the summer, but couldn't say exactly how, because of an NDA he signed. Moula said he was contemplating uploading the files for weeks, and dropped them today after news broke that Luke might be out at Sony.

At this point, it's difficult to prove that all of these kits and samples are authentic, but they're of such high quality and so crisp that it would be hard to fake. It's doubtful that the Google Drive link will survive much longer, but for now, you can check it out via Moula's Twitter here, and the tweets where he teased the upload below. 

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