Bobby Shmurda Facing Seven Additional Years In Prison After Girlfriend Allegedly Gave Him a Knife

Shmurda is already facing up to 25 years for drug and other charges.

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As Bobby Shmurda continues to wait for his upcoming trial in the fall, he is now facing the possibility of up to seven more years in prison after his girlfriend allegedly tried to sneak him a knife during a visit. Shmurda appeared in court yesterday to plead not guilty to felony and misdemeanor charges of promoting prison contraband, perjury, and criminal possession of a weapon, according to The Guardian. Previously, Shmurda turned down a plea deal for his prior gun and drug charges that could fetch him up to 25 years in prison.

Prison guard allegedly caught Shmurda's girlfriend, Kimberly Rousseau, pulling a sharp metal object out of her bra and attempting to slide it to him during a visit at Rikers Island. She has since pleaded not guilty to promoting prison contraband. Shmurda's trial date is currently set for October.

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