50 Cent Responds To Criticism of His Horrible Pitch at Tonight's Mets Game

You knew 50 would have something to say about it.

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It was only a matter time before 50 Cent responded to the criticism of his awful pitch at tonight's Mets game. Curtis took to his Instagram, as he has been doing lately, to address the situation, saying he is a hustler and not a ball player. If nothing else, it seemed that 50 was really enjoying himself at the game, though.

As you can see below, the official BeatsByDre Twitter account decided to join in on the 50 slander. We're not so sure how kindly Curtis is going to take to that. Watch his IG response above.

#BeatsPills are trying to play catch with @50cent... pic.twitter.com/r3PJaN0XQ3

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