Saweetie on ‘The Single Life,’ Takeoff’s Passing, Grammys & More

“It’s my memoir as a single woman, dealing with men who talk too much...” Saweetie caught up with Complex ahead of the release of 'The Single Life.'


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Since the release of “Closer” featuring H.E.R. earlier this year in February, fans have waited tirelessly for Saweetie to drop new music… and now, they’re finally in luck. The Bay Area native returns with her highly anticipated project titled The Single Life, speaking volumes to her transition into being completely independent for a year and a half now (Quavo and her split in March 2021). 

The six-track project is spearheaded by lead single “Don’t Say Nothin’,” which she says is inspired directly by the men, media and blogs that are constantly in her business. It’s a reminder that everyone is entitled to the privacy of a personal life. Saweetie spits on the chorus: “Don’t you tell nobody we fucking, shut your mouth n*gga don’t say nothin’!”

Saweetie explains the inspiration behind the record, “It’s my memoir as a single woman, dealing with men who talk too much. I put all of my experiences into one song. The studio is definitely therapy.”

When asked why The Single Life has taken as long as it has, with the release date having been pushed back a few times, Saweetie simply states, “Girl it was baking in the oven. No microwave shit!”

“What’s the point of making music if you’re not going to share your story?”

And while the Grammy-nominated recording artist uses her enormous platform to empower women all around the world with her Pretty Bitch Music brand, Saweetie makes it a point to keep her personal life private—and with good reason. The studio serves as her therapy, and she’s finally ready to deliver her most vulnerable work to date. 

Additionally, Saweetie has taken a much-needed year off of social media, previously coined the “content queen” for her extremely creative and viral TikToks and Instagram Reels. Now that she’s finally dropping, though, fans can expect her grand return in blessing their timelines.

Beyond the new music, Saweetie took the time to send her condolences to Takeoff’s loved ones. It honestly felt so surreal,” she states. “I feel like the world stopped. He was a wonderful human being. I mean wonderful, like hella dope. My heart, my condolences go to his family. It’s just really surreal. I feel like hip-hop is in a really eerie state right now.”

Complex spoke with Saweetie ahead of The Single Life’s release, at the Champion store on La Brea Avenue in LA. Read below as we discuss the new project, why therapy didn’t work for her, the long-awaited “FNF” remix with GloRilla, and more.

This interview has been lightly edited and condensed for clarity purposes.

The Single Life… we have been waiting! What’s your favorite part about this project?
So I’m caught in between two emotions. I’m nervous, but I’m excited because this is the most vulnerable I’ve ever been with my music. You know? I feel like it’s my duty to share my story with this big of a platform, so this whole year was me peeling back layers of myself. I’m interested to see how my fans are going to feel about it. 

I know it’s been pushed back for so long, what was the delay?
Girl it was baking in the oven. No microwave shit! [Laughs.]

You’ve always been in long-term relationships, what’s the hardest adjustment in being single? 
I think comfortability, just always having someone there. Once you get past the marker of missing someone, you really enjoy spending time with yourself. When I’m out, I’m like oh, I can’t wait to go home and watch Netflix. [Laughs.]

What are you watching on Netflix? 
Ooh, I’m watching The Winx Saga. I’m rewatching Scandal on Hulu. What else am I watching? I’m watching House of the Dragon. I love Game of Thrones, soNetflix and HBO Max. 

Season 8 too?
They gon’ have to redo that. 

How did this moment in your life propel you to make the most personal music of your career thus far?
From making music that wasn’t personal, I’m doing a disservice. What’s the point of making music if you’re not going to share your story? I do it in my freestyles but now it’s an all-around thing. 

I remember when “ICY GRL” dropped, that was such a moment. What was Saweetie like then compared to now? 
I think the Saweetie back then was really naive, and green. Thought everyone was her friend. [Laughs.]

“Don’t Say Nothin’” is the focus track, tell us what inspired that record. 
It’s my memoir as a single woman, dealing with men who talk too much. I put all of my experiences into one song. The studio is definitely therapy. 

Did you ever consider going to therapy for mental health? 
I did, but I didn’t like the session so I stopped going. 

Amber Rose said the same thing! Therapy didn’t work for her.
Really? I don’t expect you to be empathetic as a therapist, but if it feels cold and it feels like a transaction, these are my emotions. Sometimes I’m dying inside. I think there’s a therapist for me, I just haven’t found him or her yet. 


You have a single called “No Reception,” tell us what inspired that record.
“No Reception” is me venting about my experiences this year. On the scene, behind the scenes. I dealt with a lot of shit that no one knows, and I’m not the type to tweet and express my personal pain. I’m just not that type of person, so it’s me getting a lot of shit off my chest. 

You’ve taken a step away from social media. How long has that been? 
A year! A year. Because I had brand deals, so I had to spot post, but I’ve been off of social media for a year. 

I respect that so much. Why and how has that helped your mental state?
Well. [Laughs.] Sometimes, I train for the good. Sometimes I train for the whatever you want to call It. I protected my mental health by keeping and protecting my peace from negativity. 

Do you plan on going back? 
Yeah girl! Once this music drops, I’m outside! 

When can we expect the “FNF” remix with GloRilla? 
Girl, I don’t even know what’s going on with that. It’s done, I heard it’s been posted on TikTok. But I love her, shoutout to her. 

That little video snippet you guys posted was everything!
Yeah, I love her.

You flew her out and took care of her whole team for the video. Can you talk about being on music early? 
I just love new artists. No one reached out to me or helped me out, I figured everything out myself. More women who are in position to help the younger women, we should do that because no one helped me. But instead of having a chip on my shoulder, you have to be the difference you want to see. So that’s what I do. 

We all saw your viral interview on Caresha Please… is it hard for you to separate your personal life from the public eye?
Honestly, it’s hard when there’s leaks of information. It’s like, who the hell knew that? It’s a blurred line almost. I mean, that’s what happens when you’re the president. [Laughs.]

Did you feel any type of way about Quavo’s line in “Messy”? “I said, ‘Caresha, please,’ ‘cause she too messy.”
I have no comment. [Laughs.]

Hip-hop took a huge loss with the news of Takeoff passing. What was your reaction to his death? How did that affect you?
It honestly felt so surreal. I feel like the world stopped. He was a wonderful human being. I mean wonderful, like hella dope. My heart, my condolences go to his family. It’s just really surreal. I feel like hip-hop is in a really eerie state right now. 

Absolutely. Especially in L.A. with the deaths of PnB Rock and Drakeo the Ruler. A lot of artists say rapping is a dangerous profession. How do you feel? 
No it really is. I think a lot of people aren’t sensitive to rappers, male or women. Not only are we being vulnerable with our stories, it does get dangerous because of some of the environments we are in. I just hope the vibration in the hip-hop community raises, because it’s sad seeing young men pass away at such an early age. They did not deserve that.

Last year, you were the only female rapper nominated for Best New Artist at the 2022 Grammy Awards. Who deserves Best New Artist this year? 
Can you remind me who’s nominated?

Omar Apollo, Wet Leg, Latto, Domi & JD Beck, and Anitta are all in the running.
I’ma go with my girls Anitta or Latto. 

What do you think of the category as a whole?
The Grammys period, it’s great to be acknowledged for all of the hard work. Not all artists show behind the scenes, we literally put in so much time. Our schedules get so crazy because we’re working all night, working all morning. Barely have time to eat, rest or see family members. Shoutout to all of the artists that got nominated because getting recognition for hard work is honestly a priceless payment.

What acting gigs can we expect from you in the near future?
Girl, I’m trying to be a superhero. [Laughs.]

Can you speak on the hoodie swap with Champion? 
This Saturday, November 19th, you can go to your local Champion store. You can bring in a Champion hoodie or another brand hoodie, swap it in for a new hoodie and swap yours out. It’s all about showing love and paying homage to Champion, because they started the hoodie vibes.

Anything you can tell us about Pretty Bitch Music?
Pretty Bitch Music is a movement. All of this is Pretty Bitch Music. That’s gonna be my album name because that’s my stamp, but this whole movement is Pretty Bitch Energy. Shoutout to the Pretty Bitches. 

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