Interview: Bibi Bourelly Talks 'Free The Real' EP and Staying Sane in the Music Industry

Complex News spoke with Bibi Bourelly about her upcoming EP, signing with Def Jam, and working with artists like Rihanna.

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Bibi Bourelly was introduced to us as the brilliant songwriter behind Rihanna's smash hit, "Bitch Better Have My Money," but that track only gave us a tiny glimpse of the Berlin native's musical abilities. As 2015 progressed, Bibi really began to show off her vocal and writing talents with raw singles like "Ego" and "Sally," and now the 21-year-old is getting ready to drop her debut EP series, Free the Real.

Free The Real: Part #1 will arrive via Def Jam Records on May 6, with Part #2 to follow in June. Ahead of the release, Complex News caught up with Bibi to chat about growing up in a musical family, her brave decision to leave Berlin for the U.S., and her strategy for staying sane in the cutthroat music industry. Watch the full interview above.

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