Deep Cut: Ace B8gie f/ Murph Watkins "F**k a Plan B"

Plan A only.

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Mixtape: The B8gie Foo' Blues EP [Unreleased]
Producer: Bobby Johnson

F.O.C. (Focused On Cash) is a rap crew comprising of residents of the East and South sides of Chicago, who seem to share the common bond of being able to score a perfect 10 outta 10 on the Paid In Full quiz. The crew's most popular rapper, Giftz, has recorded homages to one of the movie's leading characters and even dressed up in an outfit inspired by one of its minor characters for a video, while the crew's main south side representative, Ace B8ie is so besotted with Paid In Full he's named himself after its main protagonist.

Judging from Ace B8ie's latest single "Fuck A Plan B" (the song was given the visual treatment last week), he's also besotted with the Hot Boys, because he has the exact same dry nasal twang as B.G. It becomes evident you're not listening to an unreleased B. Gizzle track because "Fuck A Plan B" features Ace B8gie rhyming about the accuracy of the Mayan Calender(!) over a state-of-the-art panoramic beat by Bobby Johnson—he of "O.G Bobby Johnson" fame and "Again"-minor fame—before Murph Watkins comes in on the second verse extolling the virtues of capitalism with a distinctly Twista-influenced flow.

While it's difficult to find many faults with a song which thuds like this (besides Giftz not making an appearance for a third verse), we're not entirely sold on the concept of "Fuck A Plan B" here at Complex. It's a snappy, hashtag-ready slogan for the YOLO generation who have the world at their fingertips and don't want to settle for second best. But 80s Philly rap stars Steady B & Cool C didn't have a back-up plan for when their rap checks started drying up in the 90s and look how that turned out for them!

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