Rapper Punchmade Dev Teaches You How to Commit Wire Fraud on Viral Hit

The North Carolina native has dropped several songs about credit card scamming in the past.

Image via Punchmade Dev/YouTube

Punchmade Dev has a new song and video titled "Wire Fraud Tutorial," where he gives listeners step-by-step instructions on committing wire fraud.

The self-explanatory video was unleashed on Wednesday and features the viral rapper playing the role of a teacher as he explains how to make some quick money, all at the expense of a bank. The steps were very detailed, with Punchman Dev leaving everything on the table if fans wanted to try their hand at the crime. As of the time of publication, the video is sitting at nearly 800k views.

"Listen up, I'm finna show y'all how to hit a bank/ Just pay attention, this a quick way to jug in any state/ First you wanna get a bank log from a trusted site/ Do your research because the information must be right/ You gotta be on point, don't be sittin' 'round tryna get high/ Hit a big play, don't get booked for a petty ass crime," he raps. 

He continues, "This might be a lil' hard, but it's hard being a worker/ The bank'll get they money back, so ain't nobody hurtin' (Access granted)/ You just got in the account/. Don't be gettin' too excited when you see the first amount/ 'Cause there's a certain way you gotta wire all the money out/ Don't be fuckin' up the play or you gon' sit there down and out."

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Due to the song's content, Punchmade Dev had a viral hit on his hands. This isn't the first time he's dropped a controversial record like this, as his catalog is full of records referencing ways to get money quick such as "Easy Scams" and "Scam Tag."

Other than that, Dev has also released a series of provocative songs such as "Special Needs Kids," "Cancer Patient" and "Punch Anthem." 

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