Fat Joe, Jelly Roll, and Wyclef Jean Team Up For Healthcare Price Transparency in Washington DC

Joe said the "U.S. healthcare system is America's sickness" in a statement ahead of Power to the Patients' event.

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Fat Joe is linking up with Wyclef Jean and Jelly Roll for a special project advocating for clearer pricing in health care.

The artists will be joining forces with Power To The Patients for an event in Washington, D.C., on January 10 at Hamilton Live to raise awareness for a more affordable and equitable healthcare system through price transparency. In a statement, Joe said keeping the healthcare system fair aids everyone involved, from patients and their families to healthcare workers and even the government.

"The U.S. healthcare system is America's sickness," said Fat Joe. "Healthcare price transparency isn't a partisan or complicated issue. It's common sense. The only people opposed to it are healthcare industry interests profiting by keeping patients in the dark. Price transparency can protect patients, families, employers, workers, even our own government from healthcare overcharging and pricing fraud as it does everywhere else in the economy. 

He continued, "Clear prices allow consumers to choose affordable treatments without worrying that routine care will result in overcharges and even bankruptcy. Price transparency holds hospitals and insurance companies accountable, forcing them to compete and lowering costs, improving healthcare access, quality, and outcomes."

Joe will also be spearheading meetings with Congressional leaders alongside Power to the Patients, Patient Rights Advocate, and employers from across the country to capitalize on the momentum and get healthcare price transparency legislation passed and sent to President Biden. 

In April 2023, Fat Joe met with Congressional leaders and the White House to push for the enforcement of price transparency rules that most hospitals around the country disregard. In September 2023, Joe teamed up with Rick RossBusta Rhymes, French Montana, Method Man and Chuck D for a powerful public service announcement with Power To The Patients that demanded elected officials commit to price transparency to allow for more honest, affordable, and equitable healthcare across the country.

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