DVS' 'DVTV' Mixtape Is Coming Soon and Here's a Hilarious Informercial To Get You Excited For It

Starring DVS and Shelby Fero.

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Maybe you're familiar with DVS on Twitter, or maybe you've become familiar with him on the New York underground scene after working with Heems and his Greedhead affiliates including Big Baby Gandhi and Lakutis, Hot Sugar, and more. Maybe you only know him through his Guide to Springtime via our friends over at Four Pins. Either way, you'll want to prepare yourself for DVTV, his forthcoming project which drops in one week. Last week, he dropped a teaser promo track "Very Special Episode," where he raps over Meek Mill's "Dreams and Nightmares." 

Before DVTV drops, here's an infomercial, directed by Kate Bryant and starring comedian Shelby Fero, about his book, "Ill Shit They Don't Want You To Know About," a truly first-of-a-kind self-help guide to learning about words within words. We won't ruin too much of the surprise here but, you'll want to tune in. There's a teaser of new music towards the end of the clip to get fans excited for next week. Peep the video above and check out the DVTV tracklist below:

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