Video: The Internet "Dontcha"

It's funk in a minimal setting.

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Odd Future's un-Googleable R&B/funk project The Internet has had a busy summer, touring with Mac Miller while also putting together their upcoming sophomore project, Feel Good. Tonight they shared that album's first single, "Dontcha," with a minimal video that shows Syd Tha Kid singing with cuts away to each member of the band.

The video, directed by Lacey Duke, frames Syd as the archetypal soulful R&B singer, which is perfect, as this is the most vocally assured Syd's sounded on any Internet release to date. Ditching the hazy vibes of the group's previous projects, "Dontcha" is clearer, crisper funk, more in the vein of Odd Future patron saint Pharrell. It's the group's best release yet.

Feel Good is due out September 24. Check out the video for "Dontcha" above.

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