The Only Good Thing About This Waka Flocka and Good Charlotte Video Is the DadBod (Maybe)

There's just so much going on.

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HELP, what is going on in this new Waka Flocka video? There's a lot of shirtless screaming in "Game On," set to scenes from upcoming movie Pixels, which I thought was a Pac Man documentary until about a minute ago (IDFK). It's actually an Adam Sandler sci-fi action flick about aliens taking over arcade games and attacking our planet Earth. Kevin James is also in it. OBVIOUSLY literally everything about this video is ridiculous and terrible (why are my middle school heroes Good Charlotte involved?), but if you're into dad bods and stuff, then... You might actually enjoy this. It's actually the ONE GOOD THING about this video.

And do trust, lots of dad bods abound—from the flannel-clad Adam Sandler dad bod, to the Madden brothers' twinning dad bods (yeah, they're definitely in dad bod territory), and most of all, WACKA FLOCKA #DADBOD FLAME, with his adorable love handles. If you look past the terribleness, this video is actually quite endearing. Take a look at some key shirtless dad bod scenes below. You're welcome: 

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