Kanye West's Yeezus Tour Among Highest Grossing Tours of 2013

The Yeezus tour stands tall.

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Kanye West's gamble on the risky Yeezus album and tour has paid off; the album has been a critical success, topping many year end lists and now the tour has been named one of the highest grossing shows of 2013.

According to Billboard, the list (which gathered it's data from individual legs of tour and not overall gross) the Yeezus tour hit #2 on the year's highest grossing runs making $25 million across 18 dates. His only competitor? Paul McCartney, who lead by a larger gross of $40 million.

It is interesting to note that both Yeezus and McCartney's album New weren't exactly a home run commercially, both did fairly low key numbers compared to their past releases, but the two artists cleaned up on the road. Kanye's stage show has been praised as being daring and almost operatic, drawing in show goers who wanted to see the spectacle.

[via Billboard]

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