The "Yeezus Tour" has provided a ton of entertaining, awesome, and poignant moments, making it one of the most talked about tours in recent memory. In the final show last night in Toronto, Kanye West delivered his last rant/visionary stream of consciousness, which have become signature segments of each tour's stop. Ye went on for 30 minutes in a manner that was more in-depth what went down at any previous show. And of course, it had its moments that focused on style.

When it came to people telling him to stay in his lane as a musician, he went through the theoretical exchange that would go down:

"I made this mountain. So if I come to somebody and say, 'I wanna make this T-shirt." And they say, "I don't believe you have the capability to make this T-shirt, 'cause you are a musician." And I say, "Bitch, I made a mountain. I could make a motherfucking T-shirt. That's beneath me. A T-shirt. I just like T-shirts. Feel blessed with a T-shirt. And I want to take any moment of my motherfucking creative day to make a T-shirt. And you should help me make that motherfucking T-shirt. 'Cause it's gonna be the best T-shirt that you ever put on your motherfuckin' two arms, back, through your armholes, and head.'"

And in a turn of events, instead of directly firing shots towards Nike, Yeezy decided to move away from the negativity that his frustration had spawned, and instead pulled back to look at the Nike/adidas situation in the big picture:

"I decided to completely focus everything in 2014 on all the new ideas and all the creative outlets. I'm not finna ever bring up Nike again. And the only way I'll bring them up is in a positive light. Because I actually appreciate the opportunity to have been able to make my own shoe with them, and if I didn't have the opportunity I wouldn't have my deal I have with adidas right now."

In the new year, Yeezy apparently wants to move beyond his frustrations with creative constraints, glass ceilings, being told what he can and cannot accomplish, and hone in on what he can do with this opportunity. The details on his plans with adidas are scant, but it does appear that he's fully committed to this partnership, and includes it alongside some of the other significant aspects of his professional, creative, and personal life:

"But now, I just really feel like I want to be expressive with my work, with my music. I want to be expressive with this opportunity I have with adidas, and just go home to my family."

If the collection is going to receive as much attention as the man's music and family, then no matter what people think of the final product, there's no way anyone can say there was a lack of effort on Yeezy's part.

Peep the full rant/visionary stream of consciousness below, via Allastud:

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