Ty Dolla $ign Just Dropped His 'Free TC' Album Tracklist In The Best Way Possible

Ty Dolla $ign drops the tracklist for his debut album 'Free TC.'

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Ty Dolla $ign's debut album, Free TC, is due out in less than a month, and his promo run has definitely been unconventional up to this point. Just this week Ty dropped a free mixtape to tide fans over until the album release, and today he finally revealed the Free TC tracklist in full in what may be a record industry first.

Ty released an audio clip on Soundcloud earlier tonight that finds him breaking down the album in detail for his younger brother TC who is currently serving a life sentence for murder, a charge Ty maintains is bogus. The album title is a tribute to TC and obvious attempt at shining some light on the case.

Listen to the brothers talk about the record below. (Listen for the not-so-subtle Justin Bieber shade in the first few moments of the clip.)

Check out the tracklist in a more digestible (but far less entertaining) format below.

'FREE TC' ALBUM TRACKLIST N O V E M B E R 13 http://t.co/ec2Tq01ppZ pic.twitter.com/2QZp7ihVhM

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