Glastonbury Festival's Organizer Received Death Threats After Booking Kanye West

Glastonbury Festival organizer receives death threats after booking Kanye West.

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Glastonbury Festival has not had the easiest time introducing major hip-hop acts into their headlining slot, which didn't bode well for the controversial artist that is Kanye West. Within a few weeks after the announcement of his headlining set, there was an online petition demanding the rapper be taken off the bill; it has already amassed over 133,000 signatures. While Ye's treatment is reminiscent of the controversy that surrounded Jay Z' 2008 Glastonbury experience, things took a much darker turn this go round.

Emily Eavis, one of the chief organizers of Glastonbury line-up, stated that she  and her father, Michael Eavis, have received death threats in connection to Kanye West's billing. She spoke to the Evening Standard that the experience has been dreadful: "I had death threats and stuff. It was just horrible. It was just crazy." 

The Eavis' ordeal has cause quite a media frenzy, which just adds to the madness they face in the crucial preparation period before the festival. "It was getting out of control. We had Time magazine, all the American news channels saying they were going to come down. This incredible onslaught worldwide."

Emily is truly saddened at the reaction of fans, since she believes that Kanye represents some of the best aspects of music. "It was quite upsetting because we were talking about something that was so exciting and interesting and fresh and brilliant for the festival.

"Kanye West is making the most exciting music at the moment. He is an amazing force as a performer. For us, getting the biggest star in the world was an amazing coup." Even after her previous open letter seemingly fell on deaf ears, Emily is sticking to her choice of Kanye.

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