Montreal Artists Magi Merlin and Fernie Collaborate on New Single “Dolla Bill”

Montreal R&B artists Magi Merlin and Fernie have joined forces on a new single “Dolla Bill.” The Funkywhat-produced song is accompanied by a lyric video.

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Montreal R&B artists Magi Merlin and Fernie have joined forces on a smooth new single “Dolla Bill.”

“Keep it real for one night. How you feelin’ just keepin’ it light? Dollar bills and breathtaking sights, quarter mil by the end of the July,” rap the duo on the song’s chorus.

The two have wanted to collaborate with one another for quite some time, being part of the same local scene. The unfinished song initially featured Fernie and was then brought to Magi by producer Funkywhat. Merlin then added her vocals to the track.

The result is a laid-back woozy anthem, with a beat that recalls fellow Montrealer Kaytranada, with duets between the two up-and-coming artists. Their vocals complement one another seamlessly, making for an easy-listening tune atop a dreamy soundscape.

The song is accompanied by a lyric video featuring background footage of the two artists gossiping over a joint and sips of a wine bottle.

Besides the first-time collaboration, the two artists have been hard at work releasing new projects. Magi Merlin recently released her debut album Gone Girl via Bonsound label, while Fernie released their own solo album, Aurora, in fall 2021.

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