The Best New Music This Week: NAV, Roddy Ricch, Glorilla, and More

Complex's best new music includes songs from NAV, Lil Uzi Vert, Roddy Ricch, Doe Boy, G Herbo, Glorilla, Latto, JT, Ari Lennox, and many more.

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This week includes some exciting new music releases. NAV is back and brought Lil Uzi Vert along on “Dead Shot,” a hypnotic track from his album, Demons Protected By Angels. Roddy Ricch also joined forces with G Herbo and Doe Boy for their new collaboration “Ghetto Superstar.” And Glorilla teamed up with Latto and JT for the remix of her breakout record “F.N.F. (Let’s Go). The best new music this week also includes songs from Ari Lennox, Yeat, and more. 

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NAV f/ Lil Uzi Vert, “Dead Shot” 

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On his new single, “Dead Shot,” NAV trades verses with Lil Uzi Vert as they send threats to their opponents and detail their heavy drug use and rockstar lifestyles. “And I got these Perkies in my pocket like I’m tryna get these meds off/Me and Lil Uzi stackin’ up so much guap/ we’ll pay the feds off,” NAV raps over a dizzying instrumental, courtesy of Pro Logic. Lil Uzi provides a catchy chorus before transitioning into an aggressive verse, spitting, “Stackin’ up this fuckin’ paper, to get to the top, you gon’ need elevator/If you get to the top, yeah, come with the fade/If you get to the top, yeah, come with some haters.” Dead Shot is a standout from NAV’s latest project, Demons Protected By Angels

Roddy Ricch f/ G Herbo & Doe Boy, “Ghetto Superstar”

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Roddy Ricch tapped G Herbo and Doe Boy for his latest single, “Ghetto Superstar,” a gritty trap record that features production from Southside and Mustard. On the track, Roddy kicks off with high energy as he raps about fame and money. “I’m a ghetto superstar, like I’m ODB/My closet clean, rock everythin’,” Roddy raps on the chorus. Doe Boy hops on the track next with lower vocals as he raps about his luxurious cars and jewels, while G Herbo closes the record out, spitting, “Went from wintertime, rollin’ up on G’s to L.A. breeze/Moved to L.A., hoes can’t get enough of me, they on they knees.” 

Glorilla f/ Latto & JT, “F.N.F. (Let’s Go) Remix”

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Rising star Glorilla is back with the remix of her popular song “F.N.F. (Let’s Go).” This time, the Memphis rapper joined forces with Latto and Jt of the City Girls. On the remix, Glo is just as aggressive and gritty as she was on the original record as she raps about being free of “fuck boys” in a deep voice on the chorus. JT introduces a new verse, rapping, “I’m F-R-E-E, hold up, stop the beat/I’m a motherfuckin’ city girl, ain’t shit free ‘bout me.” Latto matches the energy with a hostile verse, spitting, “All my opps scary, they won’t pop up at the party/Got them bitches runnin’ from me, like a episode of Maury.” The original version of “F.N.F.” was released in April 2022. 

Ari Lennox, “Waste My Time”

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Ari Lennox has arrived. “Waste My Time” is a velvety and sensual track that finds the DMV native laying down smooth and soulful vocals over funky instrumentals. On the track, Ari seductively pleads for a special someone to waste her time, but in a good way. “Waste my time, get on my line/‘Cause I got the time to waste/ Use that mouth, blow this back out,” she erotically sings on the chorus. “Waste My Time” is an alluring track that appears on the singer’s latest album, age/sex/location

Yeat, “Out thë Way” 

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Yeat has done it again. The rapper is back with latest project, Lyfë, featuring the standout track “Out thë way.” On the new hit, Yeat raps over an electric beat (courtesy of Snapz and BYNX) about his reckless behavior and drug use. “I hope that you don’t think you could just/ rock with gang, you can’t come over here/You can try pullin’ up on us lil’ bitch/you get hit with a muhfuckin’ AR,” he spits. Elsewhere on the track, Yeat declares, “Yeah, free YSL out the chain, gang, big fuck 12, they birds.” 

G Herbo f/ A Boogie, “Me, Myself & I” 

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“Me, Myself, & I” is a somber and melodic track that finds G Herbo joining forces with A Boogie as they rap and sing about different themes like street life, coping with demons, and drug use. On the track, G Herbo gets vulnerable with listeners, rapping, “I’ve been tweakin’, hardly ever sleepin’/Always overthinkin’, tryna duck the reaper.” While A Boogie provides a melodic break on the chorus, he also goes into his own rap verse about getting money and providing for his friends and family. “Me, Myself, & I” appears on Herbo’s project Survivor’s Remorse

Bryson Tiller, “Outside”

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Bryson Tiller is back on the scene. “Outside” isn’t quite what you’d expect from the Kentucky singer, though. The track is a more upbeat record that finds Tiller delivering sexually-charged lyrics over a hypnotic hip-hop beat. On the track, he approaches a woman who is newly single, appealing to her independent and sexy side. “Used to be in love, now you’re like, ‘Fuck Cupid’/Hate to be your ex, know that nigga feel stupid,” he sings on the chorus. The new sound on “Outside” could mean a new album from Bryson Tiller is dropping sooner than later. 

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