Who Is Anderson .Paak? The California Singer Talks Working Wtih Dr. Dre & Upcoming Debut "Malibu"

We talk to the breakout star of Dr. Dre's "Compton."

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When Dr. Dre released Compton earlier this year— his first album in 16 years—the tracklist naturally turned a few heads. Alongside longtime Dre collaborators like Eminem, Game, and Snoop Dogg were some newcomers most fans weren't too familiar with like King Mez, Justus, and Anderson .Paak. A few months removed from the album and it's safe to say Anderson .Paak just might be the breakout star of the project thanks to his contributions to songs like "All in a Day's Work," "Deep Water," and "Animals." 

Although he might seem like a newcomer, .Paak has actually been grinding for years. He released projects like O.B.E. Vol. 1​ in 2012 (back when he went as Breezy Lovejoy) and the under the radar album Venice in 2014. We caught up with the California singer to find out more about him and his upcoming album, Malibu, which drops on January 15. .Paak told us about being part Korean, growing up in Oxnard, California, and how his song "Suede" blew Dr. Dre away. 

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