Childish Gambino Talks "STN MTN/KAUAI," "Atlanta," and His EP With Chance the Rapper

We catch up with Gambino to talk about people fronting on his skills and why kids might think Iggy Azalea is more Atlanta than him.

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It's not easy keeping up with Childish Gambino. The 30-year-old multi-talented artist is hard at work on a slew of projects right now including a mixtape that turns into an EP called STN MTN/KAUAI, a book, a TV show for FX called Atlanta, and who knows what else he has up his sleeve. To get a clear update on what he's got going on, we caught up with Gambino in West Hollywood.

He broke down the concept behind his upcoming mixtape and TV show, but also more or less admitted that his EP with Chance the Rapper probably wasn't going to happen anymore. (Ed. Note—Let's just take a minute to also admit the J. Cole/Kendrick Lamar mixtape is never gonna happen either, just like the Rick Ross/Drake YOLO tape never happened). But Gambino also went into why people front on his mic skills saying, "Most people just don't like me," and talked about why people don't perceive him as an "Atlanta rapper." Be sure to watch to the end too because there's some unadulterated awkwardness of Gambino swatting away a bee. 

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