Chan's "20 Missed Calls" Just Might Be The Best Delaware Rap Song Ever

This just might be the best rap song ever made by a Korean rapper from Delaware.

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Delaware rapper formerly known as Chan (he now goes by Wok) posted the video for his song "20 Missed Calls" back on July 22, 2013. It has a measly 2,152 views and only three comments (which are all positive). The song lived up to it's title and was completely missed. Which is a shame because Walt Fraze's stalking beat and Chan's booming vocals make this one of the most unique rap songs we've heard this year. 

The video is styled as if it were shot on a VHS camcorder and finds Chan rapping of a window of what looks like an abandoned building. The real appeal of the video is Chan, the 21-year-old South Korean born, American raised rapper who sports long braids and spits grimey bars about the trap. Whether or not the rhymes are believable are besides the point when you're rhyming, "Your bitch on my sack/But you can keep the hoe because I heard she got the clap." The song is less than two minutes long but still features a curiously fleshed out hook.

What's noteworthy about the song is the effect Chan uses on his vocals. In the past few years, rappers have learned to master the warbles and waves of auto-tune to genuinely innovative, and occasionally fascinating, results (see: Young Thug, Future). But, lest we forget, there's so many other ways to add post production effects to your vocals. The most common in rap has always been the phone call effect (think The Notorious B.I.G. on "Warning" or Nas and AZ trading bars on "Phone Tap") but despite being a song about missed calls, Chan's voice sounds so distant that every time he stops for breathe his words echo and reverb. 

Chan hasn't released much, if any music since "20 Missed Calls." His YouTube page doesn't have any other material and his SoundCloud only has one song. But we're hoping we'll get back into rapping. At the very least, we need someone to teach the youth the virtues of wearing a condom while getting top. 

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