Ari Lennox Brings Her Total and Missy Elliott Inspirations to Life in "BMO" Video

The video for "BMO" is the latest visual off Ari Lennox's 'Shea Butter Baby.'

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If J. Cole is Dreamville's quarterback than Ari Lennox is wide receiver Cris Carter because all she does is catch touchdowns. So, it's no surprise that the singer continued to run up the score when she dropped a video for her hit single "BMO."

Similar to the way her voice adds texture to the track, the video for "BMO" is filled with a myriad of fabrics that gives another meaning to "feeling" a song. Directed by bychild, the video starts off with Lennox in a room where the walls are covered with red velvet which is accented by zebra carpeting. While the room itself will draw attention, Ari remains the focal point of the shot as she's wearing a white crushed velvet outfit that looks like her voice sounds.

Another reoccurring scene in the video could have been incorporated as a way to pay homage. In "BMO," Ari gives a nod to Total and Missy Elliott by playing with the aesthetics of their older videos. She does this by standing in front of a metallic backdrop and using moves/camera angles that mirror Elliott's "The Rain (Supa Dupa Fly)" video. But, just like "BMO," this isn't a lazy sample of Aaliyah's "More Than a Woman." Ari makes this look her own by cleverly twisting Missy's futuristic vibe to fit her vintage visual. 

Sticking with the switch in fabrics, Ari goes from bathing in a heart-shaped tub to wearing bantu knots and a boa-like dress in a matter of seconds. This makes for an entertaining video that you can watch above. 

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