Kanye West's 'All Day / I Feel Like That' Video Only Took Three Takes to Complete

LACMA is showing the video today and will run for four days.

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Kanye West and Steven McQueen hosted a private event on Friday night to debut their collaboration, “All Day / I Feel Like That,” at the Los Angeles County Music of Art.

The LA Times reports that the event was for exclusive guests and selected reporters with about 120 people in attendance. West and McQueen were present to explain how they got to working together on the project. LACMA director Michael Govan moderated the conversation, where we find out that West gave McQueen a call out of the blue a few years ago. After talking on the phone, they bumped into each other at a store in London, which prompted West to ask him if he would direct the video. Five days later, the video was in production.

"I elevated my palate. I wanted him to be in charge,” he said of working with McQueen. “It wasn't overly thought out... He came to our wedding, also."

Although media weren’t allowed to ask West and McQueen any questions, The LA Times managed to speak to the filmmaker after the conversation about how many takes he shot for the video. He replied, “Three takes. We used the third one.”

Team Kanye Daily captured a few Instagram videos of the panel discussion. Watch them below.


There's also footage of fans on Twitter getting to LACMA early to see the display. It goes until Tuesday, July 28.

Me and Jacob were the first people ever to see the amazing Kanye exhibit at LACMA @kanyewest #stevemcqueen #ALLDAY pic.twitter.com/gdsR9Btl3B

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