DJ Khaled Faces Eviction Over Unpaid Rent

The Miami DJ is getting sued over a large payment.

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DJ Khaled may be facing eviction from his Miami apartment over a failure to pay $55,000 in back rent, TMZ reports.

The Miami DJ/producer rented an apartment from Misci LLC last September. He made an agreement to make two payments of $66,000 for rent. He made the first payment on time, but did not pay the second payment.  After settling with a new arrangement, Khaled paid $11,000 upfront and has stalled on paying the leftover amount of $55,000.

Misci says two weeks later they gave Khaled a three-day notice to vacate the apartment, but he has refused to leave. Misci filed a lawsuit in Miami to get reimbursed for the money and attorney legal fees, as well as have Khaled removed from the property. As of now, Khaled has not responded to the lawsuit.

[via TMZ]


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