Jaden Smith Rapping Over Pink Floyd Is as Dope as It Sounds

Jaden drops some bars over Pink Floyd's "Breathe."

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Jaden Smith has been on a musical streak as of late that can't be stopped. After dropping the slow-burning R&B cut "Blue Ocean" last week and a quick-witted verse for his video "Fast" just a few days ago, the 16-year-old actor/rapper switches up his style once again with "Melancholy."

There are a few things to note on Jaden's latest release. For one, he's rapping over Pink Floyd's 1973 track "Breathe," a move he playfully references in his rhymes ("Oh you rappin' on this? I bet you thought that you would body this/You messin' up a classic, how you did with The Karate Kid") and on Twitter. His voice is also deeper in tone, which suits him well here as he raps from an emotional state. "I hide behind my hate because I wish I had your confidence." Damn, Jaden is really on one. If you listen closely, you'll also hear what sounds like his sister Willow performing the backing vocals. Get all in your feels by listening to "Melancholy" below.

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