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Sean Price is a rapper that's pretty easy to love. In an era where sensitivity and gimmicks are being pushed to the forefront of the genre, Price is a no-frills straight shooter who says what's on his mind in the most blunt way possible. And if you have a problem with it? Too bad. 

The Brooklyn native, whose career started as one half of the duo Heltah Skeltah, just put out his latest EP earlier this week, Land of the Crooks. Produced entirely by Australia's M-Phazes, the five song project is choc-full of Price's aggressive yet witty banter and the perfect in-your-face production style to match. 

Complex exchanged a couple of e-mails with Price about the EP, his relationship with Duck Down Records (where he has released all of his music prior to this project), and the New York Knicks. While he was very "respectful" in his answers, he was also short and to the point, just as we expected. We have decided to present the interview unfiltered and unedited because there should never be a reason to filter P! (Plus it's just funnier that way.) Read the interview and then stream the EP below...

Interview by Dharmic X (@dharmicX)

This is your first project that's not coming out through Duck Down Records, what prompted this decision?
respectfully none of ya business

With M-Phazes based out of Australia, what was the process of making the EP like?
all email

I would child abuse my child for trying to rap be better than dad.

Who do you think the King of New York is? What did you think about Kendrick Lamar's "Control" verse?
respectfully I don't give a fuck about that

We've seen a "New New York" movement rise up in the last couple of years, which newer New York rappers do you like?
pro era and my group davillians

You used the firing of Avery Johnson as a punchline. Are you a fan of the Brooklyn Nets?
no fucking way knicks all the way I was born a knicks fan and will die that way

If your child grew up and wanted to rap, would you encourage him/her?
I would child abuse my child for trying to rap be better than dad

Concerts in America or concerts in Europe, which do you prefer?
I prefer concerts period fuck location

Buckshot got into a spat with Hot 97 a couple of weeks ago. Having similarly confronted them over being called a "minor league rapper," did you give him advice?
my advice is who cares I'm not wasting my interview talking bout motherfuckers who talk about motherfuckers if they play me cool if not cool I made it this far without em big up shade 45 they play the shit out of Sean Price music

How do you choose who you will and won't do a feature with?

All email everything. No human contact.

You tweeted earlier this year about working on a verse for an EDM song. When can we expect that to drop?
you will have to ask Zeds dead I just did my part

Whose idea was this EP with M-Phazes? Did he reach out to you or did you reach out to him?
me and Matt Diamond work together all the time So this is just a continuation of our work

How did Land of the Crooks come together? You have a two fellow Brooklyn rappers and Babu from Cali. Did you link up with some of the guys on the song in the studio?
again all email everything no human contact

Have you ever been to Australia? If so, what's your favorite place to visit out there? 
Yes I been there my favorite place is nandos they make great chicken.

You block a lot of people on Twitter. What will you do now that Twitter allows you to still see their tweets?
I will block people still ain't nothing change I'm not with the cyber thug shit Sent from my iPad



UPDATE: Shortly after the interview was published, Sean Price uploaded a new song called "Kurt Rambis" to his SoundCloud. A short verse over a sparse beatbox-style instrumental, Price referenced the "Control" verse again, saying "Defending my bars first/Never respond to a fucking Kendrick Lamar verse." P!

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