Listen: Justin Bieber "Heartbreaker"

The long-awaited single is available for iTunes.

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Justin Bieber has released his newest single, "Heartbreaker." The song is the first in the singer's Music Monday series. There has been a lot of anticipation for this song amongst Bieber's fans, as this is believed to be an extremely personal song, one that addresses his longtime relationship with Selena Gomez. Bieber seems to touch on this specifically with an interlude he has in the middle of the song.

"Heartbreaker" itself is a ballad, produced by Maejor Ali, T-Minus, and Chief Tone.

Bieber has offered the following explanation for the song:


Bieber will release nine more "journals" for his Music Monday series, which is a lead up to his movie, Believe. "Heartbreaker" is available here.

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