Soulja Boy Has Beef With Lil Yachty Over India Love

Soulja Boy went after Yachty over Instagram.

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Well it looks like Soulja Boy and Lil Yachty are going at it. Last night, Soulja Boy posted an image to his Instagram account that appears to be a text conversation that he had had with Yachty. Lil Boat apparently requested that Soulja Boy take down a picture of himself with model India Love. "Yo G, why you whylin on the gram," Yachty supposedly asked him. "India my shorty. I fuck wit u bro u know dat but u gotta take dat down."

Soulja Boy responded, "I can't tell," then added, "You want beef N****?" In the caption to another post, he wrote, "How this your girl when I been rocking with her before you?" Adding, "How she your girl and we been rocking for YEARS. If she yours post a pic wit her oh I forgot u never even met her before." 

After that, he went on a tear, posting different images of himself with Love, and taking more shots at Yachty.

He also called him a groupie.

After that initial spat, Soulja Boy took the fight to Twitter, where he posted another text message conversation with India Love, while also confirming that he and she never actually dated, but had engaged in a more open, carnal relationship.

Hello? @lilyachty speak up Bitch. Why u hit my phone tweaking? She said she don't fuk wit u
Dating or not I still smashed so whatever
Never dated her we was just fucking
Fell asleep a bitch woke up a bitch remain a bitch
Never said me India was dating. But @lilyachty I thought u said she was ur "shordy"? Beefing…
I'm confused now he hit me beefing about a Bitch saying she his but she say she never met him what the fuck? Was he just playing? 🤔🤔😩

If you'll remember, he released a song titled "India (Oh Love)" back in April. 

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Thus far, Lil Boat has only responded in a way seeking to downplay the emerging feud.

Fell asleep positive, woke up positive. Remain positive.
& it's no beef trust me, I hate hamburgers.

On the other hand, Soulja Boy is pretty mad that Yachty had the audacity to tell him to take down a photo of his friend. Here's two videos that make it clear he's not happy about this:

“Alright, This my last video for that bitch ass, ugly ass nigga little boat. Boy you black as hell boy. You ugly as fuck. Your hair look like Twizzlers boy. I snatched them fuckin’ beads out of your motherfuckin’ head boy. Nigga I don’t even fuck with you, your music wack as fuck…look bro when I see you I’ma beat ya bro on my mama … you shouldn’t have texted my phone, you know you fucked up nigga. Stop playing with me nigga! Big Soulja!"

Fell asleep a bitch woke up a bitch remain a bitch

Southside of 808 Mafia chimed in and told Soulja to back off. "Boi u Betta let dat shit rock we really rockin wit dis Atlanta shit yachty a Youngn n he doin his thang any issues wanted," he wrote. This is where things escalated again, as they exchanged threats at one another.

@souljaboy boi u Betta let dat shit rock we really rockin wit dis Atlanta shit yachty a Youngn n he doin his thang any issues wanted
@souljaboy all da smoke lil nigga
@souljaboy lol internet thug u think wen they made urs didn't make no more lol say no more
@souljaboy shut up nigga on life u ain't bout none of dat

Footage surfaced online of Yachty responded to Soulja Boy at the Mala Luna Festival in San Antonio, Texas, as reported by XXL. You can even hear the crowd chanting "Fuck Soulja Boy!" along with him. It could be a freestyle or an actual diss song. Watch the clips below.

lil yachty's diss track
lil yachty full diss song

This is a developing story, and we'll update as more information becomes available.

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