Watch Sabrina Claudio's "I Just Melt" Live Video

"I Just Melt" appeared on Claudio's newly released album 'Christmas Blues,' featuring appearances by the Weeknd and Alicia Keys. Now it's got a live video.

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Sabrina Claudio is back with another gift for the holiday season.

This week, the Puerto Rican and Cuban singer shared the live video performance of "I Just Melt," a standout track off her newly released project Christmas Blues. The black-and-white visual, directed by Ian Dooley, shows Claudio and her band in an intimate, old Hollywood-inspired setting, complete with fake snow, clouds, and cascading lights in the backdrop.

Check out the "I Just Melt" video above and stream Christmas Blues now on all major platforms. The album features appearances by Alicia Keys and the Weeknd, as well as a mix of original songs and classic covers.

"Nasri Atweh, Kaveh Rastegar, and I created this Christmas album in the beginning of this summer with the intention of bringing a sense of peace, nostalgia, and/or happiness even if the feeling only lasted for the length of a song," Claudio wrote on Instagram. "We really had no idea where we’d end up...we were just creating because it felt good. To Alicia Keys and The Weeknd, thank you for believing in this intention. ... Never could I have imagined that two of the most influential figures in my life and journey as an artist would be accompanying me on an album I did purely out of the desire to shine a tiny light through an incredibly dark year. Teenage me would’ve rolled her eyes in disbelief if someone told her this was going to be her reality in a few years. Adult me is still in disbelief except only thing rolling out of my eyes are a loooot of happy tears lol."

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