Arcángel and Sech Share the Video for New Single "Sigues Con Él"

Produced by Dímelo Flow & Keityn.

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Arcángel and Sech surprised fans this week with their new collaborative single "Sigues Con Él," which translates to "Are You Still With Him?" in English.

As the title suggests, the track is centered on a woman who has refused to end an unfulfilling relationship. Arcángel and Sech ask why she has remained with her man, despite feeling unhappy and neglected, before encouraging her to pursue better options: "Baby, why are you still there, so uncomfortable there?" translates Sech's raps. "Escape with me, we’re leaving the party/You want to leave but he won’t let you go."

"Sigues Con Él," produced by Dímelo Flow and Keityn, was accompanied by an official music video which provides a look into the woman's home life, focusing on an awkward dinner in which the woman is ignored by her significant other. The "food" the couple is consuming also sheds light on their rocky relationship, which appears to be strictly superficial.

You can watch the  "Sigues Con Él" video above and stream the track now on all major platforms.

View this video on YouTube

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