Premiere: Kelela Enters The Future In The Video for Bok Bok's "Melba's Call"

The producer's first full vocal collaboration.

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Los Angeles-based R&B singer Kelela slayed the end of 2013 with her Fade To Mind-released mixtape CUT 4 ME. Part of its impact was from Night Slugs member Bok Bok's grime-infused production on tracks like "A Lie" and the collection's explosive opener "Guns and Synths." Now, the British producer has brought Kelela in to collab with him for the lead single from his upcoming EP due out this spring. He's experimented with vox before, but with "Melba's Call," it's the first time he's used full vocals.

The video is just as rooted in the future as their collaborative sound. It features a projection of Kelela singing in a bedroom—that looks reminiscent of the one Brandy croons from in her "Have You Ever?" video—inside of an empty, stacked recording studio in the middle of somewhere lush. Check it out above.

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