I’ll admit it, 2022 didn’t strike me as a particularly interesting year compared to the previous one. While the Quebec rap scene managed to continue its momentum with high-quality projects from Seinssucrer, Connaisseur Ticaso, and Planet Giza last year, in 2022 we instead saw a smaller number of artists make moves to solidify their positions in hip-hop, even outside Quebec. It was about quality over quantity.

Amongst them, Nicholas Craven and Mike Shabb continuously stole the spotlight with internationally acclaimed releases like the Craven-produced album Fair Exchange No Robbery (with Detroit heavyweight Boldy James) or Shabbo’s major placement on Westside Gunn’s 10th Hitler Wears Hermes installment, the eerie-sounding “Switches on Everything” (featuring Run The Jewels and Stove God Cook$).

Things opening up after the pandemic reshuffled the cards for a freshly reopened industry still seeking international recognition and respect. Still, quite a few excellent projects and tracks came out this underrated hip-hop scene. Here’s the cream of the crop in rap queb this year.

The Five Best Rap Queb Albums of 2022

Raccoon, ‘C00n : La prophétie’

One of Quebec’s most lyrically gifted MC takes back control of his narrative with what seems like the strongest contender for the rap queb album of the year.

Seinssucrer & Stack Moolah, ‘Pushe le whip’

The hyperactive and unorthodox MC floats on Stack Moolah’s production. A must-hear for every drumless rap enthusiast.

Mike Shabb, ‘Bokleen World’

If Sewaside II was his Marcberg, then Bokleen World is his Reloaded.

Loud, ‘Aucune promesse’

Quebec rap’s most successful artist goes back to his roots with a solid 10-track album produced by Ajust and Ruffsound.

Bkay, ‘Midi Pile’

A surprisingly solid release from LaF’s Bkay.

The 5 Best Producer Projects from Quebec

Nicholas Craven & Boldy James, ‘Fair Exchange No Robbery’

IDHEM, ‘Coup De Feu Rue De La Paix’

Soon, the world will know about IDHEM. Here’s a preview of what’s about to come.

Toast Dawg, ‘HDMOF’

Seven years after his last beat tape, the legendary producer/DJ comes back with a flawless solo album.

Kanuk, ‘Tracks’

The 20-year-old beatmaker sets the tone for a promising career with this fully sample-based project.

Lex Boogie From The Bronx & Senz Beats, ‘Modus Operandi’

The Five Best Rap Queb Songs of 2022

Remastered f/Raccoon & Seinssucrer, “Omnitrix”

Mainly composed of trap bangers made by upcoming artists, the “Gotham City Vol. 2” compilation-album still contained the best drumless track of the year.

Sauce & Sadam Huss’, “Pisse de chat”

An under-the-radar banger.

Raccoon, “C00n”

A chilling, Nicholas Craven-produced deep cut.

Koriass f/Imposs, “Effets spéciaux”

Two rap legends exchanging bars on bars on bars.

Planet Giza, “Unavailable”

Building upon 2021’s Don’t Throw Rocks at the Moon.

The Best Quebec Rap Shows in 2022

Souldia at MTelus (Montreal, QC) on April 16

The Quebec City veteran celebrated the release of his 10th solo album in front of a sold-out crowd. Felt like the floor was about to break.

Loud Lary Ajust at Club Soda (Montreal, QC) on June 9

The legendary Montreal trio celebrated the 10th anniversary of their first album, the avant-garde sounding Gullywood Sold out in less than an hour, the show conveyed a dose of well-placed nostalgia for a crowd going bonkers.