Iamsu! on Frank Ocean's New Album: "He Did Not Disappoint" (UPDATE)

Iamsu! offers up his opinion on Frank Ocean's rumored new album.

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UPDATED, 2:01 p.m. ET: Iamsu followed up his earlier tweets by saying he was joking about hearing Ocean's album. Let the speculation continue.

I fully lied about that frank ocean shit I was just joking 😂😂😂
I ain't even heard @jayantmusic album 😂😂😂😂

See original story below.

Early Monday morning, Iamsu! took to Twitter to share his thoughts on Frank Ocean's upcoming album, Boys Don't Cry. "Damn frank ocean album blap!" he wrote.

After sending out that tweet, Iamsu! added that Ocean "did not disappoint" in a subsequent tweet and said that the project was "worth the wait." He also thanked Frank for "letting me be apart of history" and implied that he was involved in the album's creation process in some way.

Frank set the internet on fire once again this weekend after updating his website with a series of posts which seem to imply Boys Don't Cry is on the way soon, perhaps even this month. Many fans expressed their skepticism online, noting that this was just the latest in what has so far been a string of broken promises about the album. In fact, Frank actually promised that the album would be coming out one year ago in July 2015. These comments from Iamsu!, however, seem to support the idea that the album's release could be imminent.

Any news about Frank Ocean's whereabouts or musical exploits these days is big news. The singer has become increasingly reclusive over the last two years, and most of our updates about him have come from third party sources like Lil B and Rich the Kid. Hopefully, with the latest website imagery and the comments from Iamsu!, Ocean's self-imposed hiatus is almost over.

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